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If you are in search of a Bay Area work discrimination attorney you can rely on Spencer C. Young Law, PC for unsurpassed guidance and support with employment issues.  If you live in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, or Hayward and have experienced discrimination in your workplace, you may be considering a job discrimination lawsuit.  Regardless of whether you simply need clarification on an employment matter or are considering filing a claim, we are here to help.

Out Bay Area job discrimination lawsuit lawyers are thoroughly familiar with discrimination in the workplace.  As an employee, you are protected by both state and federal laws and we are here to enforce your legal rights.  Even with strict regulations in place regarding employee discrimination, employers still discriminate against employees every day.  Despite your qualifications for your position or your outstanding job performance, employers unfortunately sometimes make discriminatory decisions when it comes to hiring, termination, compensation and promotional decisions.

When you need a capable and aggressive Bay Area job discrimination lawyer, it is important to secure the guidance of an attorney with years of experience in employment matters.  If you feel that you have been treated unfairly you may also feel afraid to report injustice in the workplace.  Many employees fear retaliation from their employers for reporting unlawful practices.  It is vital that we stand up for your rights and secure justice in the workplace for all.  Far too many San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and Hayward employees fail to ever report discrimination in the workplace, and continue working under unfair conditions, or are wrongfully terminated.

Job discrimination can be based on a number of factors, including your sexual orientation, race, religion, age, or whether you are disabled or have a medical condition that would require special accommodations.  Some employers have even discriminated against potential or current employees based on marital status, national origin, or pregnancy.

In California, FEHA (Fair Employment and Housing Act) and Title VII make it unlawful for employers to refuse employment, promotion, or to terminate a worker based on factors including race, color, religion, gender, age, etc.  When an employer does discriminate in these areas, an employee may hold his or her employer accountable and seek compensation through a work discrimination lawsuit.  California is an “at will” employment state. Therefore, terminations not based on a protected trait (e.g race, gender, age, disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, and association with a protected group) or protected activity (e.g. complaining of wage/overtime/expense reimbursement, blowing the whistle on illegal activity, testifying a trial, going to jury duty, supporting another employee’s claim of discrimination, harassment or retaliation) may be legal.  However, if you suspect a violation, chances are it might be true. Call us so we can work together to protect the community.  Investigation of employment law claims and filing charges against employment rights violators has changed the way companies do business.

At Spencer C. Young Law, PC, our Bay Area work discrimination lawsuit attorneys understand that it can take an enormous amount of courage to stand up for your rights. It can be very helpful to have experienced and dedicated lawyers on your side. Whether you have been unfairly terminated, you have been discriminated against because of gender or race, or have other discriminatory issues with an employer, contact our office today.  We provide unparalleled legal support and guidance for San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Hayward employees. Let us help resolve your situation now.