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Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Bad things happen to good people. Unfortunately, when your loved one dies due to the negligence or recklessness of others, you may not even get an apology, much less fair compensation for your loss. In this day and age, we apparently outsourced our duty to make amends to insurance companies. An experienced personal injury attorney is invaluable because you need clarity on your rights so you can focus on the grieving and healing process.

You usually have a two-year time limit for making a wrongful death claim. If the death was caused by a government entity in California, you have six months from the date of the event to file a claim with the appropriate entities. Statutes of limitations for wrongful death lawsuits in California are serious considerations. Call now to make sure evidence is preserved and gathered, and the proper documents are filed while you and your family move forward.

You most likely know when a death of someone close to you is wrongful. Maybe it was a car accident. Maybe it was a trucking accident. Maybe it was due to unsafe premises. Other times, you may not know you have a right to compensation. For example, perhaps a loved one fell asleep at the wheel, crashed, and passed away. However, if an airbag had deployed properly, they might still be alive. You might not know if you should call a personal injury attorney about an accident where multiple people might have acted unsafe. Sometimes police reports make wrong assumptions or put forward opinions that seem like facts.

Perhaps a child died due to a defective product, such as an unsafe mattress, or a family member got sick and died due to exposure to hazardous chemicals. Perhaps another professional, such as a caregiver, should have taken steps to preserve a loved one’s safety. You deserve to know whether the death was someone else’s fault. Trust us to give you answers and results. We listen, learn, lead and win. It would be an honor to do the same for you.

Some of the most common types of wrongful death incidents include the following:

  1. Automobile accidents,
  2. Trucking accidents,
  3. Boating and drowning accidents, such as vacation cruise accidents,
  4. Train accidents,
  5. Airplane and helicopter accidents,
  6. Pedestrian accidents,
  7. Bicycle accidents,
  8. Motorcycle accidents,
  9. Dog bites due to an unrestrained pet or police dog,
  10. Defective products, such as airbags failing to deploy in a car,
  11. Premises liability accidents, such as construction accidents,
  12. Workplace accidents and incidents, such as falling objects,
  13. Falling objects, such as bricks falling on someone passing by a construction site,
  14. Unlawful shootings by police, and
  15. Nursing care neglect and medical malpractice.

Unfortunately, this is not an exhaustive list of all the different types of wrongful death lawsuits. If you, your family, or someone else you know has lost a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of another, call now for a free consultation.

If you are an attorney who does not practice personal injury in Oakland, San Francisco or the greater Bay Area, trust Spencer Young Law PC to pay you a referral fee in accordance with state bar rules and keep you updated on the status of your referral. We travel throughout the state of California for serious personal injury cases. A “local” attorney may not always be your best option for a referral. Call now to determine if we are a good fit.

The most common type of wrongful death case is undoubtably vehicle accidents. As we all know, and probably witness all too often, it does not take much skill to obtain a driver’s license in California. It may shock you to know that if you are over twenty years old, you do not need to have a license to drive a boat.

If you are under twenty years old, you are required to pass a boating safety examination and obtain a card. Often, parents of minors do not know this, and they entrust their vessel to a teenager who simply has no clue how to safely operate a motorboat. Usually these kids are transporting other kids, compounding the likelihood of harm, particularly if there is alcohol involved.

If you know that someone entrusted an unqualified operator with a vehicle, including a work vehicle, and doing so caused the wrongful death of another, trust personal injury lawyer Spencer Young to make up for your loss.

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Great response time! Very thorough! Knows his stuff! My experience was first rate and would recommend Mr. Young because he took the time to address my concerns, provide clear examples, and most importantly, he listened. Ben A.
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