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Representing Employers in Counseling, Compliance, Litigation

Representing Employers in Counseling, Compliance, Litigation and Trial Work

We represent employers in all facets of employment law advising and litigation, including but not limited to wage claims, overtime claims, expense reimbursement claims, discrimination cases, retaliation cases, and harassment cases. We take pride in the positive ripple effects we create by properly training a small business how to comply and stay out of trouble. We love the relief we see on our small business clients’ faces when we solve an ongoing employee management issue that has been draining time and resources from productivity.

Businesses grow as demand grows. The growth in demand leads to a need to hire additional employees. Whether you have 1 employee or 500 makes a difference. Some laws, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act apply to employers in California when there are 50 or more employees. The Fair Employment and Housing Act applies if an employer has 5 or more employees. All employers regardless of size have to comply with basic hiring, wage and record keeping requirements. We can provide counseling and compliance packages that meet any employer’s budget. We are available for workplace investigations and for flat-fee trainings in harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour compliance, among other issues.

Common employment law services for employers include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee handbook and policy development
  • Severance agreements
  • Hiring and firing considerations
  • Offer letters, job descriptions, and other employment agreements
  • Investigating claims of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or workplace bullying
  • Wage and Hour compliance
  • Strategic termination of employment
  • Non-compete agreement advising
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Protecting intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws and compliance
  • Managing reasonable accommodation requests
  • Managing interactive process communications for reasonable accommodation requests
  • Pregnancy and medical leave compliance
  • Managing religious and medical accommodation requests
  • Workplace posting requirements
  • Independent contractor agreements and laws
  • Unemployment appeals
  • Labor Commissioner Claims
  • Bureau of Field Enforcement investigations and document requests
  • Department of Fair Employment and Housing claims and investigations
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions claims and investigations
  • State court employment law claims for discrimination, retaliation, harassment, hostile work environment, and wage and hour matters
  • Federal court employment law claims for discrimination, retaliation, harassment, hostile work environment, and wage and hour violations
  • Federal Americans with Disability Act (ADA) violations
  • Other areas as need. Call now for a free consultation.

Our legal team provides comprehensive training and counseling to management and human resources departments. We educate managers and supervisors on ways to avoid problems that cost your business time and money. We also help you plan, initiate and execute employment policies and procedures to stay in compliance.

Complaints for unpaid wages, overtime, meal breaks premiums, and rest breaks premiums can put a business at significant risk. There has been a rise in the number of claims by employees against businesses for wage violations. It is important to have the right practices in place and the right advisors when things go wrong. Call us now if you have received a Notice of Claim and Conference or Notice of Hearing from your local Labor Commissioner’s office, or if you have been served with a Summons and Complaint for a state or federal wage lawsuit.

Client Reviews
Great response time! Very thorough! Knows his stuff! My experience was first rate and would recommend Mr. Young because he took the time to address my concerns, provide clear examples, and most importantly, he listened. Ben A.
Mr Young is a brilliant young man with an astounding ability to sort through the dross of a situation, and get a handle on the true issues. And with all that having been said, he communicates with compassion, making sure you understand your options. I recommend him unreservedly. Robert W.
Super responsive and knowledgeable - Spencer not only responded to my inquiry over the weekend but called me immediately on Monday and took time to explain my legal options even though the case wasn't a good fit for his firm. Quincy S.