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For Employers

Our mission for helping employers is to listen, learn, lead and win. We do this with aggressive advocacy, and by giving sound advice at an affordable price. Some law firms only represent one side or the other, i.e. employees only, or employers only. We have found over the past two decades that this leads to monocular vision and an inability to see legal issues and legal claims from multiple perspectives.

Our experience has shown us that one-side only representation can lead to a monocular vision that hampers swift resolution. We help employers and employees because both sides need help. We love helping employers stay in compliance with ever evolving employment laws. We are a trusted outside human resource department when things get sticky. If you need a skilled employment attorney to resolve a discrimination, retaliation, harassment or wage and hour claim, call now for a free consultation.

We resolve cases on the facts by communicating in clear, honest and respectful ways. We do not bully employees into quitting. We do not threaten claimants with counterclaims if we do not have the evidence. We recommend settlement early if a claim has merit so you do not pay us tens of thousands of dollars and still write the same check to the employee and their attorney you could have months or years prior. If a case is worth taking to trial, we enjoy doing that too.

Since 2006, we have helped hundreds of small businesses throughout the Bay Area in a range of industries resolve all types of employment law questions. We have represented restaurant owners, sales companies, construction companies, retail businesses, medical offices, real estate companies, skateboard companies, marijuana growers and distributors, bars, technology companies and startups. We have successfully helped accountants, doctors, lawyers, therapists, bookkeepers, kitchen designers, painting contractors, insurance sales offices, non-profits, and government contractors. We are an outside human resources sounding board and action team for approximately fifty businesses at any given time. However, since different problems arise at different times, we still maintain a 24-hour call back guarantee for existing clients because you deserve to know the status of your issue and what the next step is.

We help business owners and operators answer important questions, such as, how do I handle this underperforming employee now that they have told me about their disability or medical condition? What can I do with a verbally abusive employee now that they are a new parent dealing with novel pressure, stress and exhaustion? How do I classify this employee given that they want to be an independent contractor, and want to continue operating their business while also contributing to our operations in valuable ways? What should I do with this Labor Commissioner Notice of Claim and Conference I just received? Do I need an attorney for an Unemployment Appeal event? How should I draft a Cease and Desist letter so that my valuable intellectual property does not get used improperly? Should I write contracts for these therapists I’m hiring to secure their availability and firm up ongoing service for this influx of new clients? Does my employee need a different attorney to work with my inside or outside counsel since we have different levels of exposure? And the biggest decision of all, what do I do with this Summons and Complaint I just received making claims of retaliation, discrimination, harassment, and/or wage and hour violations?

We have answers to all these questions, and the myriad of others you might have. And if we do not have the answer readily available, we will find out and give you options fast. We counsel small businesses on a regular basis on how to stay out of trouble, and how to get out of trouble. In some instances, we have been able to resolve cases for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the employee’s original demand.

We have highly competitive attorney fee rates. We always use capable staff when we can at lower billing levels so you can maximize your bang for the buck. If you are wondering whether you need an attorney or not, do not drive yourself nuts thinking too much. Call us for free, honest feedback so you can relax and get back to business. As a job creator, you deserve it. At Spencer Young Law, PC, we make your peace of mind our bottom line.

Client Reviews
Great response time! Very thorough! Knows his stuff! My experience was first rate and would recommend Mr. Young because he took the time to address my concerns, provide clear examples, and most importantly, he listened. Ben A.
Mr Young is a brilliant young man with an astounding ability to sort through the dross of a situation, and get a handle on the true issues. And with all that having been said, he communicates with compassion, making sure you understand your options. I recommend him unreservedly. Robert W.
Super responsive and knowledgeable - Spencer not only responded to my inquiry over the weekend but called me immediately on Monday and took time to explain my legal options even though the case wasn't a good fit for his firm. Quincy S.